Son-In-Law Allegedly Bilked Denver Construction Firm For $1M

DENVER, CO — The former accounting director of a Denver construction firm, and son-in-law of the company’s founder, is charged with embezzling more than $1 million, the Denver District Attorney’s Office said. Robert ("Robb") Patrick Stirling, 43, of Centennial, is scheduled to appear at a disposition hearing in Denver court Feb. 1. He’s charged with theft.

Stirling worked at the unnamed construction company between 2006 and 2014, an arrest affidavit said. the company president, and Stirling’s father in law told police he hired Stirling because of his family relationship and because Stirling allegedly had banking and financial experience, the police record said.

Stirling allegedly began a multi-year campaign of skimming payments from accounts receivable, taking out company lines of credit, writing himself personal checks and borrowing money on the company credit cards, the allegations say. Stirling also fired a bookkeeping temp who discovered that money paid by the company’s customers had not been applied to their accounts, the affidavit alleges.

Police say Stirling allegedly used the money for airplane tickets and hotels for a trip to Europe, condo payments, groceries, car lease payments, restaurant meals and other personal expenses.

But it was a $400 jersey from Denver Bronco John Elway, purchased at a Nov., 2014, charity auction, that gave away the game, the affidavit said. The company president told police he answered a call from a credit service and found that Stirling had maxed out the credit limit, borrowing $100,000 on the company’s card. When confronted about the jersey, Stirling allegedly admitted he had made unauthorized purchases with the card.


At that point, the founder told police, he thought Stirling had only embezzled $500,000 and agreed to keep his son-in-law employed so that Stirling could pay back the company, he told police. Stirling had paid back $7,000 so far, the company president told police in May, 2017. After other thefts came to light, adding up to $1,044,022.17, the company contacted Denver police to charge Stirling with theft.

Stirling is scheduled for a jury trial in March.

Image Robert Stirling, via Denver DA’s Office

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