Season Of Giving: Top U.S. Charities In 2017 Revealed

CBS Local — The holiday season traditionally brings out generosity in people. With so many charities asking for donations, many people find it hard to figure out which organization will make the most of their donation. Forbes has revealed their list of America’s largest charities as well as how much of your money will actually go towards their respective causes.

According to the business magazine, the United Way was top charitable group in the United States, bringing in $3.54 billion in donations this year. The Virginia-based organization reportedly commits 86 percent of their global operations to charitable service. When it comes to the “bang for your buck,” United Way Worldwide was found to give 91 percent of donations to their causes after deducting for expenses.

Finishing a distant second on Forbes’ list was the Task Force for Global Health. The Georgia-based group, which donates medical supplies to foreign locations, raised over $2.6 billion in 2017. While the charity saw a 15-percent decline in donations this year, Forbes gave the organization a perfect score of 100 percent for contributions going towards its advertised causes.

Other groups, including the Better Business Bureau (BBB), have also released their best charity options as well as tips for donors looking to give during the holidays. “You can get more bang for your buck by giving to an A-rated charity,” CharityWatch’s Daniel Borochoff tells Consumer Reports.

The BBB’s watchdog group “Wise Giving Alliance” adds that donors should check a group’s website for information about its mission, a list of the board of directors, and its latest financial reports before donating. If a group doesn’t give those facts, “it is sending you a message that the organization is not very transparent,” BBB Wise Giving Alliance COO Bennett Weiner warns.

Here’s a look at Forbes’ Top 10 U.S. charities:

United Way Worldwide Task Force for Global Health Feeding America The Salvation Army St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Habitat for Humanity Direct Relief YMCA for the USA Food for the Poor Americares Foundation

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